Jeannette Kagame yitabiriye igiterane gihuza abayobozi ba USA bakaganira ku “Mana”   

 February 2016


Umufasha w’Umukuru w’Igihugu Jeannette Kagame, yitabiriye igiterane cya “National Prayer Breakfast” cyabereye i Washington muri Leta Zunze Ubumwe za Amerika ku wa Kane.

Icyo giterane ngarukamwaka gitegurwa n’abagize inteko ishinga amategeko ya USA n’umuryango wa gikirisitu “The Fellowship Foundation.”

Mu ijambo yegejeje ku bitabiriye icyo gikorwa, Jeannette Kagame yasobanuye amateka y’ubwiyunge u Rwanda rwanyuzemo nyuma ya Jenoside yakorewe Abatutsi mu 1994.

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Madamu Jeannette Kagame ageza ijambo ku bitabiriye National Prayer Breakfas

Umufasha wa Perezida yasobanuye ko Abanyarwanda batangiye urugendo rw’iterambere babifashijwemo n’ubuyobozi bwiza ariko kandi bayobowe n’ubuntu bw’Imana bwatumye byose bishoboka.

Ati” Twatangiye urugendo duhitamo kunga ubumwe, kwemera ibyatubayeho, kureba kure ndetse n’ubuntu bw’Imana butuma nta kidashoboka.”

Jeannette Kagame yasabye abari aho kwikorera imitwaro ya bagenzi babo baharanira inyungu za sosiyete n’ibisekuruza bizaza.

Ati” Inshingano zacu nk’abanyagihugu twaba abayobozi muri za guverinoma cyangwa mu bigo by’ubucuruzi ni gushaka ukuri gutuma twishyira hamwe nk’igihugu, nk’abaturage tukagira icyo dukora gifatika twihesha Agaciro.”

Yasangije abitabiriye icyo giterane umurongo wa Bibiliya, muri Matayo umutwe wa 18-20 ugira uti” Aho babiri cyangwa batatu bateraniye mba ndi hagati yabo,” Aheraho asobanura ko ibiterane nka National Prayer Breakfast biba bifite akamaro gakomeye ku mateka ya muntu.

Yasoje yishimira kuba ari kumwe n’abantu bahuje umugambi kandi bemera ko hari usumba byose.

Muri icyo giterane, Perezida Obama yasobanuye ko Yezu ari umuti w’ubwoba, kuko aha abamwemera urukundo n’ubwenge butuma ntacyabatera ubwoba.

Igiterane cya National Prayer Breakfast cyashinzwe na Abraham Vereide mu 1953, kiba buri mwaka tariki ya 4 Gashyantare, kigahuza abayobozi ba Leta Zunze Ubumwe za Amerika n’abatumirwa bakaganira ibyerekeza ku Mana.



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